About Us

Digital Appworks LLC is a boutique software design company based in Metro Atlanta Georgia USA; founded and led by an enterprise software developer active for over 40 years beginning in 1980. Design focus is development of high-quality, innovative, and usable personal software apps that help solve common challenges — including those we all face in cyberspace. We examine every best practice, and approach each project with fresh eyes. Our mission is to provide useful personal apps for an affordable price.

Courier is our flagship app, designed to be your constant computing companion: a power launcher core integrated with password management toolset and a strong local-only data vault, all built around the principle of “trust no one” — please click here for product details.

More apps are on the way! In development is a streamlined app designed to manage another big challenge faced by all computer users: backing up your computer assets. Only you knows the true value of your photo and video libraries, documents, music, and other files — but far too many users even bother with backing up at all! Good software should make the process understandable, effective, intelligent, and affordable! Notable is a feature typically only found in enterprise-level software: “differential” backups which compares a reference backup to current files; backing up only what’s changed — which is much faster!

Thank you for your interest in our products — please stay tuned!

Digital Appworks LLC
Metro Atlanta Georgia, USA
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