Courier Password Manager

Courier is a highly-secure multi-function app merging a destination launcher and organizer, a power navigator, and a password management toolset. It aims to solve two primary needs of everyone who uses a computer: easy navigation and effective password management. Courier does both for an affordable one-time price which includes individual support.

Courier is designed in Georgia USA for computers running Windows 7 and above, with future versions planned for Apple® IOS® and Mac®. Please visit our Courier Knowledgebase for product details including screenshots.

We hope you'll discover Courier to be one of your essential life apps, at home, work, and play — your go-to navigator and trusted password vault where you securely store your most-sensitive information.

Courier’s use of strong AES-256 data encryption technology makes it subject to strict United States Government export regulations. At this time we are restricting sales exclusively to US citizens. We will roll out international sales on a country-by-country basis, so please check back periodically for news. For more information please see the related section of our Terms and Conditions page.

If you’d like to license Courier as a gift for someone, or are considering a business/enterprise purchase of greater than 5 licenses, please send us an inquiry using our contact page and we’ll promptly be in touch!

Your first product purchase will automatically create a customer account for you that allows you to download the current version of your product(s) anytime. For returning customers wishing to purchase another product, please log in using the “My Account” link above before purchasing.

Please note that each Courier license supports a single user and can be installed on multiple devices, like a home and work computer.

Key Benefits:

  • launch to any destination and logon with a single click
  • easily generate new hard-to-crack passwords
  • zero-cloud local-only data storage with strong AES-256 encryption
  • crash-resistant data handling
  • streamlined and customizable smartphone-style visual design


  • One-click power launches — a launch destination can be any distant or local address, app, or file. To any launch you can optionally add an “autofeed” that streams any series of keyboard keys or pauses you like, including logon ID and/or password. The result is raw power to launch and log in with a single click — it’s hard to overstate how much time and effort this saves you each day!
  • Windows clipboard copy options — by default Courier automatically loads your credentials to the Windows Clipboard whenever you click or launch an item. This is extremely useful for special situations such as a web page that requires mouse actions to login. You can easily paste your credentials from the Clipboard as needed. The optional clipboard auto-clear feature restores the previous Clipboard contents after a period of time you choose.
  • Destination address validation — each destination requires an address/pathname. Courier provides immediate color-coded visual feedback to indicate the address validity: green = valid, yellow = possibly invalid, and red = invalid.
  • Malware resistance — security experts tell us it’s safest to assume that all Windows computers are compromised with malware. Courier’s autofeed editor offers two selectable feeder modes for your logon ID and password credentials. We recommend the advanced mode which feeds your credentials in a randomized order to help confuse any monitoring virus(es) you may unknowingly have.
  • Personalization settings — Courier provides over 60 settings to personalize your audiovisual experience. You can adjust window size, font size and color, and background colors. The action sounds can be globally or individually disabled. Each sound can be replaced with any WAV file you choose, and has its own volume control.

Password Management Tools:

  • Dual-Mode Password Generator — Character mode generates new hard-to-crack passwords of up to 100 characters long from randomly-chosen character sets you select. Words mode generates new passwords from between 2-7 randomly-chosen short English words from a table of over 12,000 words. Each generated password displays with a strength indicator.
  • Password Audit Report — this report scans all destinations with a password then produces a report that helps you spot weak ones. It also includes a section showing any items using the same password — another big no-no.
  • Password Change Reminders — you can optionally set a future password change reminder for any destination. These are useful with mission-critical destinations that require frequent password changes.
  • Password Change Reminder Report — The password change reminder report shows all destinations with reminders to help you effectively manage them.

Data Security Features:

  • Trust No One Security Policy — Let’s face the fact: when you choose to place your private data in the hands of a third party, you assume an increased level of risk. Hackers or even bad employees may gain access to your most-sensitive information. Courier maximizes your control by exclusively storing your private data only on your local computer where you have full control. Courier cannot talk to the Internet or any other network. There is no master key or “back door” — only you knows the master password that unlocks your private information. If you forget your master password — we cannot help — you’ll have to start over from scratch!
  • Strong Data encryption — we chose Microsoft’s .NET™ cryptography library to securely encrypt your data, specifically their AES-256 encryption. This is the standard strong encryption technology in wide use worldwide.
  • Crash-resistant data handling — our software architecture never writes your private information to external databases or temporary files — it only exists in readable form in your computer’s main memory. A computer crash zaps main memory, so nothing can be left behind. Other products may leave traces of readable info in files behind after a crash, and many hackers know exactly where to snoop to find it!
  • Item Search Tools — over time you’ll likely create hundreds of destinations. Courier’s global search allows users to quickly locate and jump to any item.
  • Group/Item sort tools — you can sort your entire group list in ascending or descending order. You can also sort a group’s item list in ascending or descending order.
  • Group/Item organizer — for each destination you choose a group. You have full control over the order of your groups and items inside each group.
  • Item comments editor — each destination item has its own text comments field you can use for any purpose. The item editor window shows only the first few lines of the comments text. For a larger and resizable view, you can pop in and out of the larger comments editor window as needed.
  • Comments Mini-Forms — To help you standardize groups of similar data, like your credit cards, the comments editor allows you to insert form-like blocks of text called mini-forms. You can also create and add your own new mini-forms.

Other Features:

  • Auto-shutdown feature — for added security, you can set Courier to shut down after a period of inactivity. If you forget to close Courier and walk away, this feature will shutdown Courier for you.
  • Contextual Help Content — local help content is available throughout the application. Each page explains in context what’s happening and what your options are, in full color with embedded images.
  • Desktop shortcut creator — Courier can run from any disk drive, including your hard drive, USB drive, NAS drive, or flash/thumb drive. This handy feature creates a desktop shortcut to Courier that points to wherever you’re running it from.
  • Easy App Backup — all Courier software and other files are built into a single folder, including each user’s encrypted data. To perform a full backup, simply make a copy of this single folder. Remember, a backup is not complete until you move the backup copy offsite!
  • Export Tool — you can export your private information to disk where you can edit it (advanced). Use with extreme caution since this feature defeats the strong security Courier provides!
  • Import Tool — you can import either item data or settings from external files. Item import lets you choose to merge into or replace all existing items. For your convenience we include a handy item import template stub.
  • Multi-monitor capability — Courier supports running on multi-monitor Windows systems.
  • Multi-user capability — Like Windows, Courier internally provisions a separate workspace for each Windows user to contain their settings and encrypted data. This is useful when several people share a single Windows computer. Each user can tailor their own Courier look and feel.
  • Preflight checklist — Courier conducts an extensive environment integrity check during startup to maximize reliability.
  • Secure Installer — code signing protects you by guaranteeing that the installer hasn’t been tampered with or corrupted since it was signed by us, and also confirms the identity and legitimacy of the author.