Courier Password Manager is a next-generation integrated launchpad and password management app designed to be an essential computing companion. Enjoy its streamlined power navigation, dual-mode password generator, strong security, and many more features — at home, work, or play.
All for an affordable, one-time price!

Trust No One
Courier never touches the Internet, and has no "back door" passwords. Your private data stays local under your exclusive control, secured by strong data encryption technology.

Power Launcher
You can set up any destination to launch and logon with a single click! Destinations can be any distant or local web page, app, or file. This is raw computing power that saves you much time and energy every day!

Password Toolset
Instantly generate hard-to-crack passwords in two modes: random characters or groups of short words. Selectively set and track password change reminders, and audit all existing passwords for strength and redundancy.

Strong Data Security
Courier carefully guards your private data by securing it with strong AES-256 cryptography, the world-class standard used to protect sensitive data.

Courier uses no external database or temporary files that can expose your private data during an unexpected computer crash. Our proprietary memory-only data handling dual-save methods assure your total privacy.

Group/Item Organization
Courier’s simplified group/item organizer is easy to use. Just arrange your destination items into any number of groups, and order them any way you like. Our multiple search tools make it easy to locate any item once things grow large.