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The Credentials Conundrum

Everyone needs a good answer to the question, "How do you manage your passwords?"

If you use the Internet you’ll soon build up a long list of notable destinations and passwords, and it’ll only get longer in the future! Since strong credentials help protect us from criminals and creeps, we all need to master the art of managing them. Many try writing them on paper or keeping them in their head or in spreadsheet, but these methods are insecure and way too much work! The best approach is to use a high-quality password manager app, or different ones for different purposes.

To manage passwords well, we need to do all of the following:

  • store them securely
  • organize them efficiently
  • change them on a routine basis
  • use only hard-to-crack passwords
  • use a different password for each destination

If you’ve shopped around, you may have found other password managers to be risky, expensive, complicated, ugly, or all the above. Many entice or require you to create a payment account, then charge you a recurring fee to store your passwords in their Internet “cloud” where they assure you it’s safe! It may be to some degree, but what you’re doing is placing your most-sensitive personal information in a place exposed to hackers or bad employees. Courier shuns the Internet by securely saving your private data locally where it’s under your exclusive control.

In addition to data security, it’s difficult to compose hard-to-crack passwords in your head. A quality password generator makes it easy to create strong passwords with a simple click.

Next comes the easy-to-forget task of changing your most-critical passwords often. Courier includes an optional per-password reminder feature that reminds you when it’s time for a change.

To sum up we all need a way to safely, easily, and affordably organize, store, groom, launch, and regularly change our passwords. These are the challenges Courier is designed to meet — an essential life app that we love to use every day, all day long, at home, work, or play.

Courier’s Main Features:

  • "Trust No One" zero-cloud, zero-backdoor, local-only data storage
  • Strong AES-256 data encryption
  • Crash-resistant data handling
  • One-click power launches
  • Dual-mode password generator
  • Password change reminders, and audit report
  • Simplified smartphone-style visual design
  • Highly-customizable audio-visual settings
  • Affordable, one-time pricing
  • Online support, with callbacks available

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