Updating Courier

Each Courier release ships as a special file format called an “installer.” This installer contains all Courier components, including the main program "Courier.exe". It will both do a new installation, AND update an existing installation!

As an existing customer you have 24×7 access to download the latest version’s installer file.

Please note that DAW will attempt to notify its customers via email whenever it posts a new release. Alternatively, you can logon anytime to view the current release number then compare with your release number.

Courier Update Instructions:

  • [Courier] make a Courier backup using its "Backup" feature
  • [browser] surf to DigitalAppworks.com then log on with your credentials
  • [browser] surf to our Downloads page
  • [browser] click the link to download the latest Courier version
  • [Courier] close Courier if it’s running, then run the downloaded installer file
  • [installer] follow the prompts: make sure you point it to your existing Courier folder

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