Updating Courier

Each Courier release ships in a special file format called an “installer.” This installer contains all Courier folders, and supporting files including the main program "Courier.exe".

Purchasing Courier requires that you register as a customer in our Digital Appworks (DAW) website at DigitalAppworks.com. Being a registered customer allows you to access the software download page where at any time you can download the latest version’s installer file.

Please note that DAW will notify its mailing list of customers whenever it posts a new release.

The Courier installer file name is "CourierSetup.exe".

Courier Update Instructions:

  • [browser] surf to DigitalAppworks.com then log on with your credentials
  • [browser] navigate to the Downloads page
  • [browser] click the link to download the latest Courier version
  • [browser] run the installer file using your browser’s download function
  • [installer] follow the prompts: make sure you point it to the folder where you have Courier installed
  • [installer] close the installer then run Courier — any existing Courier icons should work ok

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