Sound Controls

Courier can play six sounds to indicate the following events:

1)  you clicked an item with credentials

2)  you clicked an item without credentials

3)  you launched an item

4)  Courier auto-cleared the clipboard

5)  a launch is running

6)  a launch is finished

The sound control panel lets you:

  • switch individual sounds on or off
  • preview individual sounds
  • adjust individual sound volume
  • replace individual sounds
  • turn sounds on or off globally

Switch individual sounds on or off:

Check the sound’s box to switch it on or off.

Preview individual sounds:

Click the sound’s speaker icon to preview it.

Adjust individual sound volume:

Drag the sound’s slider control to adjust its volume.

Replace individual sounds:

Click the sound’s gear icon to browse for an alternate sound file. Courier will replace it with the alternate sound file.

[Caution] There’s no undo for sound changes! Please preview new sounds before committing.

Tip: Only short WAV files are supported. We recommend no more than 3 seconds or so.

Tip: A great Windows tool for editing sound files is "Audacity." It’s very reliable, robust, and completely free!

Turn sounds on or off globally:

Click the button labeled "Normal sound mode" or "All sounds off" toggle all sounds on or off.

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