Courier Power User Tips

To help you get the most from Courier, try some of these power user tips:

  • Launch an item with a single click
    • In the Courier Launchpad window, point at any item, then right-click it to launch
    • if you’ve built one, the launch triggers the item’s autofeed
    • this is hands-down the most powerful Courier feature!
  • Clipboard credential load and paste — useful for websites that require mouse actions to logon. Autofeed can handle the rest that require only your keyboard to logon.
    • click item to load is a setting that’s on by default
    • this example assumes you haven’t disabled this default feature in Other Settings
    • example where item’s logon and password=BozoSchmuck9#
      1. Click an item to load the clipboard with "qqq9343@bing.comBozoRalph9#")
      2. switch to the destination’s logon screen then click in the destination’s logon ID box
      3. Paste with mouse or type <Ctrl>V on keyboard
      4. Select password with mouse or hold <Shift> then tap left-arrow with keyboard to highlight only the password (BozoRalph9#)
      5. Cut password with mouse or type type <Ctrl>X on keyboard (clipboard now contains only the password)
      6. click in the destination’s password box or tap <Tab> to move to the destination’s password box
      7. Paste with mouse or type <Ctrl>V(control-V)
      8. tap <Enter> to logon
    • In summary, the steps are: Click, Paste, Select, Cut, Paste (CPSCP)
    • After you’ve used this a few times it’ll become second nature
    • For maximum security, Courier will auto-restore the clipboard after a set number of seconds, unless you’ve disabled this default feature in Other Settings
  • Move any window
    • point-click and hold any window’s title bar (or side border strip), drag to the new location, then release mouse button
    • if you have more than one you can move Courier to any monitor
    • Tip: if you know Courier is running (but not minimized) but can’t see it, type <Ctrl>L (control-L) to snap it to the primary monitor
  • Resize any resizable window
    • resizable windows have hash marks in the lower-right corner
    • point at the hash marks, then click-and-drag to resize the window
    • note Courier limits the adjustable range of width and height
  • Copy data from any popup grid to the clipboard
    • Courier presents popup data grids in six contexts
    • In any of these grids you can select one or more data rows, then copy for pasting into an outside program like Excel or Word
  • Change your password for a website
    This assumes you’ve already set up website credentials:
    1. [browser] surf to the website’s logon page and log on
    2. [browser] navigate to the page where you can change your password
    3. [browser] click in the new password box then clear it if necessary
    4. [Courier] edit the item for the website (or create one) then click the blue button to open the password designer
    5. [Courier] choose character or word options, then click the “Generate” button, until you see one you like
    6. [Courier] click the yellow Apply button which copies the new password to your clipboard
    7. [browser] paste in the new password, then save your user settings
    8. [Courier] click the Apply button, then click the green Settings Editor "Save" button
  • Windows 10 users: build an item that launches a Microsoft Store app
    Microsoft decided to change things so that Store apps launch differently, so here’s what to do:
    1. Minimize all running apps so you can see the desktop
    2. Click the Windows Start button
    3. Scroll your program list to locate the icon for the MS Store app
    4. Click-and-drag the icon onto the Windows desktop
    5. Windows creates a desktop icon to the Store app (looks like *.lnk)
    6. Click, cut, and paste this icon to another folder* for long-term storage (ex/ Documents)
    7. Run Courier, then create a new item, edit it, and name it
    8. Click the blue button to the right of the Destination (web… field to open a file explorer window
    9. Surf to the long-term storage folder* you pasted the icon into above
    10. Click to select the icon then click the Open button
    11. Complete the other Courier item fields if needed
    12. Click Apply to set the new Courier item
    13. In the Settings editor click Save to permanently save your changes
    14. You can now launch your new item with a single right-click!

    *[Warning] if you ever delete/move/rename this folder or shortcut, theCourier item will no longer launch

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