Downloading and Installing Courier

Each Courier release ships as a special file format called an “installer.” This installer contains all Courier components, including the main program "Courier.exe". It will both do a new installation, AND update an existing installation!

Purchasing Courier will automatically create an account for you as a customer in our (DAW) website. This account gives you 24×7 access to download the latest version’s installer file.

As a Courier customer you may install it on any Windows computer you own, including your official work computer. However your spouse/partner or family members must purchase their own licenses.

Key points to remember are:

  • Courier runs inside a single PC folder — by default located at C:\Courier
  • Courier customers may install Courier on their home and/or work PCs
  • Courier’s folder contains all components including your unique encrypted data and settings
  • Courier runs as a portable app, with zero Windows system updates (aka the Registry)

Installing Courier is easy — just run the installer you purchased, and follow its instructions.

Updating Courier is easy — the same installer will update your version anytime. Just close Courier, download the latest installer, then run it pointed at your existing Courier folder. Click here for more information.

Backing up Courier is easy — just run Courier’s “Backup” feature to create a local backup copy. Click here for more information.

Restoring Courier is easy — use Windows File Explorer to copy your backed-up “Courier” folder to its live location, then create a new desktop icon pointed to it.

Instructions to Download and Install Courier:

  • [browser] surf to then purchase Courier
  • [browser] after purchase DAW will take you to the Downloads page
  • [browser] click the link to download the latest Courier version
  • [browser] run the installer file using your browser’s download function
  • [installer] follow the prompts to install Courier
  • [installer] close the installer then run Courier
  • [Courier] first time logging in, Courier will prompt you for a master password

Click here for the knowledgebase index.

For more information about Courier, click the “About” button below.