Comments Editor

The Comments Editor shows the item’s comments text in a much larger workspace.

Type and arrange any plain text information you like, typically relating to the parent item.

Comments text for any single item is limited to a total length of 2222 characters. For your convenience the item name and total running length of the comments text is displayed in the title bar.


You can optionally insert mini-forms anywhere in your comments text. They are blocks of plain text designed to look like forms that can standardize data entry across multiple items; for example items for several credit cards.

You can add your own mini-form files by saving them to the …Courer\usr\data\miniforms folder. New mini-form filenames must end in “.txt” and contain only unformatted plain text. New Courier releases will overwrite the four default miniforms, so never edit these – make a copy to edit instead.

Courier ships with four default mini-form files:

  • 2factorAuth – template for capturing 2-factor authentication information
  • creditCard – template for capturing credit card information
  • driversLicense – template for capturing drivers license information
  • securityQuestions – template for capturing security question information

The default credit card mini-form is shown above.

Toolbar Controls

  • Mini-form selector box
    • click the down arrow to select an available mini-form to insert
  • Insert Mini-Form button
    • click this button to insert the selected mini-form
    • mini-form text is inserted above line cursor is on
    • to move the mini-form text, just select/cut/paste it elsewhere
  • Apply button
    • click to apply the comments text to the item record
    • remember nothing is permanently saved until you click the Settings Editor “Save” button!
  • Cancel button
    • click to abandon any changes you’ve made in the Comments editor

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