About Courier

What exactly is Courier?

Courier is a powerful navigator combined with a robust password management toolset. Use Courier to build, launch, organize, and securely store your collection of of “items” — think of an item like any icon on your computer — it launches something distant or local — like a website page, or any program or file on your computer.

Items are like icons on steroids — each has one destination, plus optional related info like credentials, comments, and reminder tracking.

Some examples of items include web pages you visit often, local programs you use often, or local files you refer to often to like PDFs or text files. As long as the local file exists, you can create an item that launches it.

Courier is designed to be your constant cyberspace companion, with a look and feel like a well-designed smartphone app — streamlined and intuitive, with contextual help available throughout. It installs into a single folder on your local computer and does NOT update the Windows Registry. It’s also highly personalizable with over 60 settings you can use to craft your own unique look and feel. All this for an affordable one-time price!

Courier’s unique combination of features include:

  • “Trust No One” data policy — no cloud risk, and only you knows the master password
  • Strong data security — strong world-class cryptography with zero security “holes”
  • Crash-proof data handling — readable data is never written to disk
  • Powerful one-click launches — launch and logon with a single click
  • Robust password management toolset — manage your passwords well
  • Smartphone-style design — usability is a key design feature
  • Extensive personalization options — make its look and feel uniquely your own
  • Affordable — pay once with no recurring monthly payments

"Trust No One" data policy

Courier is intentionally designed WITHOUT any way to connect to the Internet or any other network, and writes only to your local disk. We encourage you to have our code lab-analyzed to confirm this claim. Other products may encourage you to place your private data on their Internet (cloud) servers where it could be exposed it to theft, leaks, hacks, or access by rogue employees.

Courier has no “master key” (backdoor) access to allow us or any third party to unlock your private data. You alone knows the master password, so never forget it! If you do, there’s nothing we can do to help, and you’ll have to start over from scratch!

Strong Data Security

Courier uses Microsoft .NET’s AES-256 cryptography library to secure your private data. This is the same strong security that banks and the military uses.

Crash-Proof Data Handling

Our proprietary memory-only data handling methods protect your private data even if your computer or app unexpectedly crashes. We don’t use databases or temporary files that can leave traces of your private data behind after an unexpected crash. Hackers know exactly where to look for these traces. Plus, we protect even if the crash occurs during the split-second Courier writes to disk!

Powerful one-click launches

You can supercharge any item’s launch by adding an "autofeed" to it. When Courier launches such an item, its autofeed will start feeding characters and pauses to log you in. The end result is a launch and logon triggered with a single mouse click!

Autofeeds are destination-agnostic, designed to work with any browser or app. For additional security, you can choose to randomize the order it feeds your credentials.

Robust Password Management Toolset

Courier has a full set of password management tools, including an organizer, a strong password generator, an auditor, and a password change reminder report.

Our organizer allows you to group and arrange your items in any order you like, and search them in multiple ways.

Our password generator creates new hard-to-crack passwords of up to 100 randomized characters, or random combinations of short English words.

Our password auditor processes all items containing a password, calculates a strength level for each, and presents it to you as a report, including any password used multiple times.

Optional change reminders allow you to set a future reminder date for any password to alert you when it’s time to change it, and causes it to appear on our reminders report.

Smartphone-style Design

Courier’s minimal design is all about ease-of-use. Only relevant controls are shown to fit the task at hand.

Extensive Personalization Options

You can set over 60 color and other options. You also have full control of the six Courier sounds.

What exactly can Courier do for me?

Courier empowers you to:

  • organize your destinations and credentials in a very safe place
  • launch and logon with a single click
  • easily generate strong hard-to-crack passwords
  • avoid using weak passwords, or the same password more than once
  • keep up with periodic changes of critical passwords
  • style its audiovisual look-and-feel to make it uniquely your own

Courier System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and higher, or Windows server 2008 and higher
  • .NET version 3.5

Please note we plan to release future Courier versions for Mac and IOS devices.

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